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Business Lessons Learned from the NFL Referee Scandal

We can learn a lot about business from the football field. The NFL employing replacement referees came with lots of lessons. The idea that there would be a seamless transition and that, perhaps, no one would even notice, fell flat on its face.  The use of replacement referees is considered by most to be a complete fiasco.  But what lessons can we learn and apply to our own businesses?

1. Value your team

Everyone in you organization contributes to your success in a specific manner. Each employee is an integral part of the operation. Recognize the role that each team member plays and imagine trying to operate without that person. Appreciate that they are working hard and also want to see the company succeed. Take time to show your employees how much you do value them.

2. Listen

When employees raise issues, you have got to listen. It doesn’t matter if they want to talk salary, job function, a change in roles or product flaws. If an employee approaches you with an issue, it is because they care. The same goes with customers. The ones who care the most about your brand are the ones who complain. Employees and customers who raise an issue need to be heard out. It’s your opportunity to improve the business.

3. Train

Proper training cannot be touted enough. It doesn’t appear that the replacement referees where given extensive training prior to taking the field. That is the responsibility of the company. Those employees represent you, your company, your product or service and your brand. Throwing your team into the fire without proper training is recipe for failure. In addition to the specifics of their job, they need to understand what your company values, what are your goals, and what targets they are working toward. Lots of people complained about the poor performance of the replacement referees. But it was not their fault. They got called to do a job they were not trained and ready to do. They meant well and tried the best they could within their ability and experience. If the NFL wanted seamless transition, they should have spent a little effort to train the replacements.

4. Backup

Football teams have second and third string quarterbacks, baseball teams have a crew of pitchers, and the President has his VP. What’s your back-up plan? If your customer service team walked out of the office today, how would you handle it? Would you throw your accountants at the job because they “talk to customers and vendors” on a daily basis? What have you done internally to cross-train employees so that everyone can appreciate everyone else’s job? If you hire temporary employees, what will you do to ensure that they provide the same quality product or service? (See above.) No matter how well you address points 1-3, you still need a plan B.

Everyone is delighted that the real referees are back in the game and that negotiations reached an agreement. But had the NFL been more prepared for the situation, they would have been able to make it a lot less painful for the fans who love them, as well as less damaging to their brand. I’m sure the referees are glad to have their job back, but do you think they feel valued? Appreciated? With the way the negotiations where handled, what’s their level of job satisfaction?

What lessons can you pull from the NFL and the referee negotiations? Please share in the comments.

A little reminder

Sometimes, life throws events at you unexpectedly. That was the case last week. I was in the middle of the weekly #smsportschat when I got a call from my mom.  My dad had gone to the doctor earlier that afternoon and ended up being sent to the hospital.

Several tests and a life-saving procedure later, Dad was able to come home on Saturday and we all enjoyed a relaxing and appreciative Father’s Day weekend.

We tend to get caught up in a lot of little things in life – we know this, right? We focus on issues that probably don’t really matter in the long run, that don’t add real value to our lives.  This health scare with my father shook me to my core.  Needless to say, my mind has been racing at a million miles an hour and I have been contemplating life with a new perspective.

I’m not going to go into some long and sappy story or life lesson here. I just want to remind you, as I was reminded over the last few days, that there is really nothing more significant or valuable than the people in your life… those who you love and who love you. Hold on to that thought today (and everyday) and let the people who matter to you know how much they mean to you.

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If Every Day was Graduation


Today was a great day. My adorable nephew, Jason, graduated from high school. As the first grandkid, this was a very special occasion. There were lots of happy tears, many shared memories of when he was just a little tyke, and all sorts of excitement for this next chapter in his life.

In the midst of the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think, “People should approach every day like it is their high school graduation.”  And why not? The graduates feel such a sense of accomplishment. They are full of energy and excitement, they are confident and exude optimism and potential.  They are eager for tomorrow. They are ready to hit the GO button. Graduates carry a healthy sense of “now what?” kind of fear, just enough to keep them on their toes and ready to rebound.  They are full of pride and positivity. They are joyful. They have the whole world and every possibility at their fingertips. And they know this. That vitality shines through every happy expression on their face.

Why wouldn’t we want to approach every day with that kind of pep? If we felt as invincible as high school graduates at commencement – imagine what all we could accomplish!

Here’s to grabbing that energy and spirit and infusing each of our days with that insatiable zest for life and the next adventure. Congratulations to all the high school graduates. You are amazing! May you never loose all the hope you have in your heart on this special day.

And here’s me with my awesome nephew! LOVE him! So proud!

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