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How to Have a Great Day

I was just reading some business and social media news as well as a few motivational articles. I came across this one in Inc. Magazine called “7 Ways to Start a Great Day.”  I remembered that I created a great graphic with my daily mantra. The first line? “Today is going to be a great day.”  It’s all about attitude, right? If you believe it’s going to be a great day, it will be. The article had some other great tips to wake up on the positive side of the bed, so I encourage you to click and soak it up. Here’s my daily mantra in all it’s glory. It definitely pushes me toward greatness. I hope it works for your too!


Nick Saban, “The Process” and Tweeting

Nick Saban Alabama

photo via 60 Minutes

On the November 3rd edition of 60 Minutes, the program featured Alabama head coach Nick Saban. 60 Minutes was granted rare access to the football team’s practices and behind the scenes. It was a look at what makes Alabama so successful, namely, the coaching philosophies and strategies of Nick Saban.

The team chant is “Get your mind right.” You’ll hear Saban shout at his players, “Do it again,” in an effort to make sure that they do their job the right way, perfectly. He talks about creating a standard of high achievers.  The part which I loved the most was his talk about “The Process.” He teaches his players to, “Ignore the scoreboard. Don’t worry about winning. Just focus on doing your job at the highest level – every single play. The wins will follow.”

Nick Saban challenges his players to “play every play of the game like is has a history and life of its own.” He enjoys seeing his players take “pride in performance.”

While I had many flashbacks to the life lessons I learned from my tough-as-nails softball coach (a.k.a. “Dad”), I also kept thinking about how Nick Saban’s process could be so easily applied to our communication and what stories and messages we share with the world through social media.

If we approached every tweet, every post, every photo, every video with that same mentality, just think about how awesome our messages would become. If we stopped for one moment before we hit the send button and asked ourselves out loud, “Is this the best tweet of my life?” I wonder how quickly we would achieve more positive and purposeful communication? What examples could we set for others to follow? What pride in our performance might we gain?

Nick Saban may be on a quest for perfection on the football field, but his players know that it’s not just all about the game. He makes them better people. I have often said that we can tell a lot about our society by what and how we communicate. What we say to each other (in person and online) demonstrates the state of our community and how we treat each other, what level of respect we have for our fellow humans and how we feel about ourselves. If we focus on communicating at the highest levels (every message is your absolute best), then I believe we will grow communities of people who are nicer, kinder and more compassionate. We will be better people. And the wins will follow.

The full 60 minutes segment is included in the following video…

If for some reason the video doesn’t load, you can watch it here:  http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50158430n

To watch the 60 Minutes Behind The Scenes on this story, follow this link:


This segment was also an extraordinary look at a truly amazing and inspiring man.

My 5 Favorite TEDTalks

If I’m at my home office for the day, I find that I’m more likely to make myself a lunch and enjoy a meal then when I’m on the go or traveling. What I also do during my lunch at my home office is watch the previous evening of The Daily Show and browse through TEDTalks to boost my creativity for the afternoon. I am totally a morning person and find it most difficult to function 3-5pm. Someone posted recently on Twitter (cannot remember who – sorry!) their five favorite TEDTalks, which made contemplate my favorite. It’s super difficult to narrow this to five. Anyone who knows me will likely understand why these five are my favorite. May I have a drum roll please…

5. This may very well be the first TedTalk I ever watched. I caught this one during one of my “Social Media Sundays” when I lived in Vietnam. Not only did I fall head over heels for Simon Sinek (I seriously have a crush on this brilliant man), but I would say that Simon’s Golden Circle philosophy played a small role in my wanting to establish my own business once I returned to the States. So… thank you Simon. I’m glad I found my Why!

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

4. Having lived in small spaces all my life, and having lived out of a backpack for five months, I can appreciate the value in having less stuff. In fact, when I first moved to Japan, part of my personal theme was, “simplify my life.” I appreciate Graham Hill’s ability to do less with more and  understanding that bigger houses and more stuff does not equate to happiness.

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

3. I’m always inspired by people who wish to connect others and with others and who genuinely wish to make the world a better place. This project also focuses on what and how we communicate, and the benefits of more open communication. For that, I’m a huge fan.

Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…

2. This 11-year old boy renews my belief that 5th graders should rule the world. I strongly believe that we should have a special UN council made of of 10 and 11 year old kids from around the world. They are brilliant and creative and they care about our Earth. Birke gives a terrific presentation.

Birke Baehr – What’s Wrong With Our Food System

1. Louie is not only an inspirational speaker who forces you to hit the pause button, but his new project, featured in a short video within his Ted Talk, is a clip I’d like to wake up to and meditate with every single day. If we all approached our world in this way, we would live in a much brighter universe.

Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude

Aspire to Inspire


As many of you have witnessed from my social media updates, I am a huge football fan.  I became a fan of football, of the San Diego Chargers, when I was ten years old.  I remember my dad watching a game and whichever team was on offense kept running the ball.  This to me looked like men lining up, the QB shouting and then all the men piling on the guy with the ball.  I had to ask my dad, “What is the point of this game?”  Through several Sunday lessons, I found a sport and a team which I loved to watch and cheer for.

The following season, my family started attending the Chargers pre-season training camps. They were held at the UCSD campus, a casual atmosphere.  Once the practice was over, the players made themselves available for autographs and pictures, and friendly chats with young fans like me.  While I loved shaking hands with Dan Fouts and taking pictures with cutie pie Rolf Benirschke, it was Kellen Winslow who stole my heart.  Kellen would not stand in the line of players edging toward the exit, but would sit on the grass and wait for us kids to come and join him.  From there, he would talk to us, shake our hands, ask us our names and talk to us about football, about school, about life.  He was the coolest of the cool.  To this day, I still rave how much I love him and revere him as my all-time favorite player.  His talent on the field is unquestionable.  But it was those moments on the grass which deepened my admiration for him as a man and teacher, and cemented my love for the game of football.

My friend and client, Mimi Donaldson is a professional keynote speaker and also a football fanatic.  She recently wrote the book, Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life.  She is brilliant at relating the game of football to business strategies and life lessons.  Amidst a busy schedule of speaking, Mimi met Chrissy Carew who is also an author of a football-themed book called The Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope.  Mimi’s book has 32 chapters to honor each team. Chrissy’s book profiles 32 players (current, retired or HOF). An immediate friendship and business collaboration was formed.  Chrissy’s book recently landed in my mailbox. And apart from being excited to read the profiles of greats like Roger Staubach and current dynamo Antonio Garay of the San Diego Chargers, I noticed that the foreword was written by the CBS Sportscaster, and long-time host of CBS’s “The NFL Today” James Brown.  I jumped right in.

In my many years as a host of CBS’s “The NFL Today” and other sports shows, I’ve met thousands of professional athletes, a substantial number whom have been football players.  Many NFL players have inspired me with their insights, humility, sense of spirituality, and their altruism. Others were more focused on superficial pursuits.

I often ask the question – what’s the difference between these two kinds of players?  Why do some men in the NFL recognize their potential for not just playing a great game, or even winning a Super Bowl ring, but using their global platform to inspire their many fans, especially the youngest, on to personal greatness? Showing kids that hard work and constant practice can turn you into a fine linebacker is a good thing.  Demonstrating that a strong set of ethics and values, along with character and a healthy dose of humility, will pave the way to a meaningful life is undeniably even more important.

JB’s insightful comments, which do not end with these two paragraphs, speak to the heart of my work and the vision of Beaming Bohemian.  I am working with university athletic departments  to educate, enable and empower student athletes to build their personal brand so they may move forward in life with high aspirations, a reason to share knowledge, and a deep desire to inspire others (also graduate as loyal alumni).   Athletic departments build a stronger brand by supporting and promoting their athletes, encouraging social network use, and benefit by expanding donor base via student networks.

I have also communicated similar concepts to the San Diego Chargers, because I believe there are a host of wonderful players on the team, like Antonio Garay, who would do well by sharing their stories with our community and connecting with fans online.  All teams in the NFL could take advantage of this strategy, for that matter.  Beaming Bohemian motivates individual players and the team to recognize their full potential for social good.  I’d like players and their team to develop the attitude of the great Kellen Winslow. Imagine the amount of memorable moments just waiting to be realized and how many young hearts could capture that positive attitude and winning spirit.  Modern media allows us instant connections, public conversations and direct access to all fans. Through these mediums, opportunities online and in real life are abundant for creating those golden moments reminiscent of a great hero of the game sitting on the grass to spend time with the youngest and most impressionable fans.


The image I’ve included in this post is borrowed from bleacherreport.net. Anyone who knows football knows that this photo was taken at the end of the San Diego vs. Miami game in January 1982, otherwise known as “The Epic in Miami” where San Diego won 41 to 38 in overtime. The Epic in Miami is often referred to as one of the greatest games ever played. Winslow caught a playoff record 13 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown, while also blocking a field goal with seconds remaining to send the game to overtime in one of the greatest single player efforts in NFL history. What made Winslow’s performance all the more memorable was the fact that during the game he was treated for a pinched nerve in his shoulder, dehydration, severe cramps, and received three stitches in his lower lip. After the game, a picture of Winslow being helped off the field by his teammates became an enduring image in NFL Lore. The following week was also legendary as the Chargers were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals in what has come to be known as the Freezer Bowl.  (Some text from Wikipedia)


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