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How to Have a Great Day

I was just reading some business and social media news as well as a few motivational articles. I came across this one in Inc. Magazine called “7 Ways to Start a Great Day.”  I remembered that I created a great graphic with my daily mantra. The first line? “Today is going to be a great day.”  It’s all about attitude, right? If you believe it’s going to be a great day, it will be. The article had some other great tips to wake up on the positive side of the bed, so I encourage you to click and soak it up. Here’s my daily mantra in all it’s glory. It definitely pushes me toward greatness. I hope it works for your too!


2013 Personal Theme

Happy New Year! Indeed, the roller coaster that was 2012 is behind us. I am grateful. As the clock struck midnight on 12/31, I was eager to welcome 2013. From everyone’s posts on Twitter and Facebook, it seems you are equally enthusiastic about a clean slate. Without going into tremendous detail, I will simply say that 2012 was not my favorite year. I am enthusiastic for this New Year and a refreshed spirit.

One thing to know about me… I do not make resolutions for the New Year. Sure, I’ve set a few personal goals about health and exercise, even deciding that I would not eat a bite of fast food this year, but I prefer to determine a theme for the New Year and let everything I do speak to that theme.  While resolutions are easy to break, it’s not so easy to “break” your theme for the year.

My theme for 2012 was Rise & Shine and that largely had to do with my business. My life continues to revolve around my business and is dictated by it’s every breath.  Still in its infancy in 2012, I suffered the growing pains many entrepreneurs who are operating on a shoestring budget experience. I made great progress in 2012, even though there were some struggles mixed in the bag. What matters most is that I ended 2013 on a high note and am poised to carry my shiny torch into the New Year.

And so with that, I wanted my 2013 theme to embody the spirit of momentum and moving forward. “Onward & Upward” was under consideration as was “As The Crow Flies.” In my search for the meaning of certain words and phrases, I discovered a great site which explains the meaning, origin and history of many of these types of sayings (Click HERE).

game on

What I zoned in on, was a theme with a sports reference, a competitive spirit and that determination I need to carry me through the year on a very bright note. Ladies and gentleman, my 2013 personal theme is, “Knuckles Down, Chin Up, GAME ON!”   Think of a football team’s offense at 4th and inches, getting set on the line of scrimmage.  The game-winning touchdown is at stake and as they put their knuckles down on the grass, lift their chin with the positive attitude and belief they will score, and dig deep inside their own being as they wait for the signal from the QB. Once they hear it, it is totally – Game ON! And that moment, that energy and impetus is what I want to capture and strive for and maintain in 2013.

I have much – so much – to accomplish this year, both personally and professionally. You can bet your bottom dollar that with this fire in my belly and my eye on the endzone, that I will exceed my goals. Yes, it is a Happy New Year and I look forward to a 2013 full of W’s.


Have you ever thought of creating a personal theme? If you were to chose a theme for 2013, what would it be? Share your themes, goals, and resolutions in the comments.

My 5 Favorite TEDTalks

If I’m at my home office for the day, I find that I’m more likely to make myself a lunch and enjoy a meal then when I’m on the go or traveling. What I also do during my lunch at my home office is watch the previous evening of The Daily Show and browse through TEDTalks to boost my creativity for the afternoon. I am totally a morning person and find it most difficult to function 3-5pm. Someone posted recently on Twitter (cannot remember who – sorry!) their five favorite TEDTalks, which made contemplate my favorite. It’s super difficult to narrow this to five. Anyone who knows me will likely understand why these five are my favorite. May I have a drum roll please…

5. This may very well be the first TedTalk I ever watched. I caught this one during one of my “Social Media Sundays” when I lived in Vietnam. Not only did I fall head over heels for Simon Sinek (I seriously have a crush on this brilliant man), but I would say that Simon’s Golden Circle philosophy played a small role in my wanting to establish my own business once I returned to the States. So… thank you Simon. I’m glad I found my Why!

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

4. Having lived in small spaces all my life, and having lived out of a backpack for five months, I can appreciate the value in having less stuff. In fact, when I first moved to Japan, part of my personal theme was, “simplify my life.” I appreciate Graham Hill’s ability to do less with more and  understanding that bigger houses and more stuff does not equate to happiness.

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

3. I’m always inspired by people who wish to connect others and with others and who genuinely wish to make the world a better place. This project also focuses on what and how we communicate, and the benefits of more open communication. For that, I’m a huge fan.

Candy Chang: Before I die I want to…

2. This 11-year old boy renews my belief that 5th graders should rule the world. I strongly believe that we should have a special UN council made of of 10 and 11 year old kids from around the world. They are brilliant and creative and they care about our Earth. Birke gives a terrific presentation.

Birke Baehr – What’s Wrong With Our Food System

1. Louie is not only an inspirational speaker who forces you to hit the pause button, but his new project, featured in a short video within his Ted Talk, is a clip I’d like to wake up to and meditate with every single day. If we all approached our world in this way, we would live in a much brighter universe.

Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude

A little reminder

Sometimes, life throws events at you unexpectedly. That was the case last week. I was in the middle of the weekly #smsportschat when I got a call from my mom.  My dad had gone to the doctor earlier that afternoon and ended up being sent to the hospital.

Several tests and a life-saving procedure later, Dad was able to come home on Saturday and we all enjoyed a relaxing and appreciative Father’s Day weekend.

We tend to get caught up in a lot of little things in life – we know this, right? We focus on issues that probably don’t really matter in the long run, that don’t add real value to our lives.  This health scare with my father shook me to my core.  Needless to say, my mind has been racing at a million miles an hour and I have been contemplating life with a new perspective.

I’m not going to go into some long and sappy story or life lesson here. I just want to remind you, as I was reminded over the last few days, that there is really nothing more significant or valuable than the people in your life… those who you love and who love you. Hold on to that thought today (and everyday) and let the people who matter to you know how much they mean to you.

5 Tips to Help You Fall in Love with YOU











If Every Day was Graduation


Today was a great day. My adorable nephew, Jason, graduated from high school. As the first grandkid, this was a very special occasion. There were lots of happy tears, many shared memories of when he was just a little tyke, and all sorts of excitement for this next chapter in his life.

In the midst of the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think, “People should approach every day like it is their high school graduation.”  And why not? The graduates feel such a sense of accomplishment. They are full of energy and excitement, they are confident and exude optimism and potential.  They are eager for tomorrow. They are ready to hit the GO button. Graduates carry a healthy sense of “now what?” kind of fear, just enough to keep them on their toes and ready to rebound.  They are full of pride and positivity. They are joyful. They have the whole world and every possibility at their fingertips. And they know this. That vitality shines through every happy expression on their face.

Why wouldn’t we want to approach every day with that kind of pep? If we felt as invincible as high school graduates at commencement – imagine what all we could accomplish!

Here’s to grabbing that energy and spirit and infusing each of our days with that insatiable zest for life and the next adventure. Congratulations to all the high school graduates. You are amazing! May you never loose all the hope you have in your heart on this special day.

And here’s me with my awesome nephew! LOVE him! So proud!

It’s an Issue of Trust

trust word in letterpress type

Perhaps you’ve seen the news peppered with stories about university athletic departments all geared up to monitor their student-athletes’ social media accounts. With several universities receiving media attention and NCAA infractions, it’s no wonder athletic departments are “scrambling” for solutions.

Without a proper education, there is no doubt that student-athletes are going to commit social faux pas online. Even coaches and athletic department staff have committed noticeable errors. However, the message that you send the moment you set up a monitoring system is, “We don’t trust you.”  Your message to your players becomes,  “We have the greatest faith in you on the field, but the moment you’re out of our sight, we don’t trust your actions or your judgement. We don’t trust that you know how to communicate or what to say. We don’t believe in you.”

Educating your players, on the court and in the office, prepares them to be successful communicators and builds trust between an organization and its team members.  When you (re)educate your team – and I mean every staff member, coach and player – about your brand identity, the brand message and provide social media guidelines (methods for successful communication), you empower your people to serve as brand ambassadors. Enabling them with a better understanding of the various communication tools develops personal pride and a willingness to better serve your organization. Directors and Head Coaches serve as positive, capable examples and can better relate with staff and players about the events happening in the social stratosphere. A thorough education and open discussion can serve as a spring board for ideas which may be generated from the most unexpected sources.

Some universities have chosen to provide some level of social media education, but yet continue to employ monitoring services, “just in case.”  That only sends mixed signals to the players,  “We want you to learn how to use these tools and we want to help you improve your communication skills. But…we still don’t trust that you’ll be successful and remain worried you’ll say or do something stupid.” How else are these young adults to interpret this? How are they (and you) to learn from their mistakes?

ASU’s Michael Crow said at the NCAA Convention in January that the student-athlete experience is, in a sense, a leadership academy. In addition to creating opportunities for their players to become the best athletes they can be, the ASU athletic department staff and coaches offer “life coaching” to motivate their young men and women athletes to consider what they want their life to mean, what life goals they want to achieve and what they want to contribute to the world.

In a CBS video of several coaches weighing in on social media, it was Jim Christian at Texas Christian University who said, “As opposed to just restricting them, you know, sometimes they have to make bad decisions in order to learn. And I think that’s what college is all about.” And UNLV Basketball Head Coach, Dave Rice chimed in with, “I really believe in the importance of empowering student-athletes, making it a part of the education process and really using social media in a positive way.”

Universities, which are at their core, educational institutions, are far better off preparing their athletes for success versus assuming their failures and continually operating in crisis management mode.  Educating your athletes about reputation management, personal branding and all the nifty details of social media, challenges them with responsibility and professionalism and a chance to rise to the occasion.  At the end of the day, that IS what college is all about and a sure method for creating an environment of trust and empowerment while paving a path for tomorrow’s leaders.

Through Beaming Bohemian’s branding and social media education, including the development of social media guidelines, you can change your tune and deliver the message of trust to your student-athletes. Investing in this education is a uniquely positive approach which delivers the message, “We believe that you are amazing individuals who have a unique ability to inspire others through your leadership. We believe you are just as talented off the field as you are on the court. As a student-athlete, you have a more visible platform for story telling and brand development. We trust that you respect yourself, your teammates, your coaches, fellow students and members of the community. We believe in you and we are excited for you to share your story with the world.”


Media Sources

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Athletic departments get free rein with social media via Minnesota Daily

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Have I? Have You?


Lately I’ve been reading the online magazine Inc. which is geared toward small business owners and entrepreneurs.  I’m loving the tips and advice and chance to learn from others’ experiences.  Today I found this fabulous article which really hit home. It is a completely different concept of achieving success – asking yourself 10 questions.  Once you read the list, I believe you will see how checking in with yourself every day and being focused on results will push you to achieve more.  The article is below or you can read it on the Inc. site – HERE.


10 Questions That Create Success

Want help focusing on what really matters? Ask yourself these on a daily basis.
By Geoffrey James | Jan 23, 2012

Think that success means making lots of money?  Think again.

Pictures of dead presidents have never made anybody happy. And how can you be successful if you’re not happy? And buying things with that all money isn’t much better. A new car, for instance, might tickle your fancy for a day or two–but pride of ownership is temporary.

Real success comes from the quality of your relationships and the emotions that you experience each day. That’s where these 10 questions come in.

Ask them at the end of each day and I absolutely guarantee that you’ll become more successful. Here they are:

1. Have I made certain that those I love feel loved?

2. Have I done something today that improved the world?

3. Have I conditioned my body to be more strong flexible and resilient?

4. Have I reviewed and honed my plans for the future?

5. Have I acted in private with the same integrity I exhibit in public?

6. Have I avoided unkind words and deeds?

7. Have I accomplished something worthwhile?

8. Have I helped someone less fortunate?

9. Have I collected some wonderful memories?

10. Have I felt grateful for the incredible gift of being alive?

Here’s the thing.  The questions you ask yourself on a daily basis determine your focus, and your focus determines your results.

These questions force you to focus on what’s really important. Take heed of them and rest of your life—especially your work—will quickly fall into place.

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