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Twitter List Tutorial


Last week I promised you a view of the new Twitter Profile and a tutorial for how to make Twitter lists. Please be patient with me as this is my first attempt to record activity on my computer screen!

Twitter lists are one of the most effective way to organize your followers and to find content to share across all of your social channels. Twitter lists are incredibly easy to create, but will require a bit of time to sort out if you already have a healthy following. In this week’s video I show you how I’ve built my Twitter lists and how I use them to stay on top of my contacts and Twitter.

Twitter’s newly designed profiles are available to all users (see photo below). Look at those big, beautiful header images, which can be used to brand yourself or your organization. You’ll want to apply some of the same strategies as you do with your Facebook cover and use the image to celebrate holidays, events and other news which can be visually captured.

Another great feature on the new Twitter Profile is the “Pin to Top” feature, where you can choose one pin to remain at the top of your Twitter feed, much like the feature on Facebook’s Timeline. You can cleverly use this feature to place your favorite tweet, most retweeted, an event announcement, or even a video which describes your brand.

I’ll show you the new profile design in Twitter, in addition to the Twitter list tutorial, so take a moment and enjoy this week’s video!

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